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Municipality has installed a video surveillance room. More than 1100 cameras are placed in the city that are connected to this room where police, firemen and other employees control what happens. It is used both to respond adequately to crime, as well to natural disasters.

Publication in Globe and Mail
sanne derks
Feb 17, 2021
The Globe and Mail published my work on climate change resilience in the informal impoverished settlements of Guayaquil, the largest city of Ecuador and in high risk of climate change disaster. I shot this story in 2019 in collaboration with Care Netherlands and the department of risk management in the municipality of Guayaquil. It focuses on how citizens are preparing for natural disasters. Brigades are formed by local residents, who learn first-aid and emergency response. It was truely empowering to see Ecuador is taking resilience a step further and uses a bottom-up approach.
This city in Ecuador is one of the world’s worst coastal climate-change danger zones – and to save it, the poor are pitching in
Guayaquil has grown quickly over the decades thanks to informal, impoverished settlements that continue to grow unchecked. As rising sea levels put the city at risk, their residents have an important part to play

Sanne Derks

Sanne Derks is a Dutch freelance photojournalist and anthropologist, mainly focused on social documentary projects in Latin America.
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