Starting reportage in Bolivia, Matchingsfonds awarded

After having had a more than great time in Rio, I arrived -with Niels- to Bolivia. Today we had our first meeting with the Belgian NGO Solidagro and their partner organisation INCCA, or Instituto Nacional para la Capatazacion al Campesino. Tomorrow we will start our fieldwork trip to the campo of Tiraque. We are hosted at Quechua-speaking guest families in small communities in the Andes, in the department of Tiraque. The reportage will focus on the ways that Bolivian women in the Andes adapt to climate change. It will be a challenge at 3300 meter altitude, in the rainy season, but a story that needs to be told.

After being granted the Stichting Marjan Rens, the Dutch Matchingsfonds was also granted to make this story.