Reportage music schools in the Amazone published at Deutsche Welle

It was a trip of a lifetime! After the 20Fotografos Workshop I travelled with Niels, my boyfriend through the Jesuit Missions in the Chiquitanía region of Bolivia. It felt like being in another country, like a sister of the Bolivia I know. The trip was tough: incredible heat and humidity, dirt, dust, and not much food, but it was beautiful! We went for example to Urubicha, a small town 7 hours on unpaved roads from Santa Cruz, over several bridges in the middle of nowhere in the Amazone, where one of the region’s most famous and large music school is located. We have visited all the by Unesco declared Heritage towns, sleeping in an empty museum in Santa Ana, were treated as the guests of honour in San Ignacio de Velasco and enjoyed all the beautiful baroque concerts while visiting several schools in the area. It were not the easiest conditions to photograph, but it was an incredible experience, and such a beautiful unknown part of the world. 

Happy to see it published at Deutsche Welle.