Publication ‘The Passion of Iztapalapa’ published in Volzin

Last year I was in Mexico during Semana Santa. In Iztapalapa, a suburb of Mexico City. In this notorious district, the roles are reversed during Eastern: Mexico’s largest Passion Plays are held, in which only inhabitants of the marginalized barrio participate. Months of preparation lead up to the biggest celebration in Mexico, in which an estimated two million of visitors come to Iztapalapa. The Holy Week celebrations have been proclaimed Intangible Heritage. The barrio converts into an open theatrical decor, as inhabitants also dress up as Roman soldiers or as NazareƱos, even when they do not participate in the ‘official scenes’. On Holy Friday the NazareƱos carry large crosses up the hill where Jesus is crucified at exactly 15:00. It was a pleasure to participate in the 174th celebrations and happy that some of the pictures found a place in Volzin.