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National Geographic Society Grant Rutopia
sanne derks
Mar 1, 2021
The National Geographhic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration has awarded me a grant to continue my project 'Rutopia' on the repopulation of abandoned ruin villages in northern Spain. Increased climate change awareness has resulted in a revaluation of rural areas, which has been given an extra boost by the current Covid-crisis. In this project I will be documenting life and efforts of residents in three ruin villages while creating their utopian mini-societies.

I am very grateful for the possibility to continue my beloved project and incredibly honoured to become part of this worldwide talented and impactful community as a 2021 National Geographic Explorer. 

Sanne Derks

Sanne Derks is a Dutch freelance photojournalist and anthropologist, mainly focused on social documentary projects in Latin America.
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