A link to my projects can be found here.

My focus is on social documentary, in particular international photo reportage, with a focus on human rights, gender and religion. I usually take an anthropological approach, in which I try to connect and participate in the daily lives of the people I photograph. My work has been published internationally in media such as Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, El País, Cuba Trade Magazine and the Guardian.

In 2018 I was granted by the Dutch ‘Coöperatie’ to make a reportage trip to Brazil and Bolivia. In Rio de Janeiro I focused on housing rights and how the poor are reclaiming their rights to the city by occupying houses in the centre (published in Deutsche Welle and El País). In Bolivia I focused on how Bolivian farmer women are resilient to the consequences of climate change, published in a.o.  One World, Al Jazeera and Deutsche Welle. The reportage was selected for the Coup des Coeur Prize by the French Association des Iconographes at the Visa Pour l’Image Festival in Perpignan. 

In addition I was assigned by the Goethe Institute to document alternative ways of living in the Netherlands. It will be published on the website of the German Goethe Institute. Furthermore, the reportage will be published in a.o. the Dutch Volkskrant and the Guardian. 

I was selected by Colectivo Mas Uno (Colombia) to participate in the 20 Fotografos Workshop in Concepción in Bolivia in October 2018 and will combine this with a reportage on the Legacy of the Jesuits in the Chiquitanía region in Bolivia.