Epiphany photo reports on Demotix

Three Kings Day, or Epiphany, is widely celebrated in Spain. In the late afternoon of the 5th of January, the Kings arrived by boat to the city, where they were welcomed by thousands of spectators and greeted by Ada Colau, the mayor of Barcelona. See here the photoreport. At night a large parade was held […]

Two Marian devotions in one week

On the 9th of December a large feast for the Immaculate Conception was held in Castelldefels, a village at the outskirts of Barcelona. On the 12th of December Latin Americans gathered in a church in Barcelona to venerate their Patroness, the  Mexican Virgin of Guadalupe in an intense and beautiful Mexican mass. Together with Bolivia’s […]

Photos of Correfoc -Firerun- in Barcelona published at Citizenside France and Demotix

During the first week of the postgarduate in photojournalism, we had an assignment to make a photo-report on the Correfoc. It is a Spanish tradition often held at Catalan festivals in which people dressed up as devils light firecrackers, directed towards the crowds. The audience can participate and tries to get as close to the […]

Sin Limites screened in Nicaragua

On the 14th of May Sin Limites has been screened at URACCAN University in Bluefields, Nicaragua, during a course on Decolonial Feminist Theory. The session focused on Masculinity and Violence from a Feminist Perspective, led by Jessica Martinez Cruz. The audience was moved and enthusiastic about the fact that Pachi was not portrayed as a […]