Always looking for collaborations in anthropological themed reportages and fieldwork, research and teaching opportunities!

During my first visit to Guatemala in 2000 I decided I wanted to study religion and indigenous communities and decided to specialize in Psychology of Culture and Religion to do my fieldwork on ‘syncretism’ in Quechua communities in Bolivia. I learned that fieldwork is an all-encompassing passion that since then has incorporated into my identity. Fieldwork is a way of life. I continued with a PhD in Cultural Anthropology, to embrace another 1,5 year of fieldwork during a 5 year long trajectory.

During the fieldwork for my dissertation, poor indigenous Bolivian women adopted me in their lives and showed me the inventive ways in which they deal with problems, such as poverty, domestic violence and marginalization. By being part of their daily lives, I learned to understand a world that is been determined by a struggle to make ‘pan de cada día’(bread of the day). Even more, they showed me how their lives are embedded with faith, religion and magic. On a dusty mountain, called Calvario, where the Virgin of Urkupiña is venerated, and where I carried out my fieldwork, the sahumeras-sellers of blessings and prayers- were the greatest masters in search for my own passions and these experiences still guide me in the selection of my themes and the ways in which I approach my subjects.

After having worked five years as a teacher in Applied Psychology, during which I made two documentaries and my interest for photography got alimented, I could not resist my unrest anymore and decided to start as a freelancer in 2015.

Yearly I go to Mexico to co-supervise a month long during fieldwork methodology course for Dutch Anthropology students of the Radboud University in Cholula. In 2016 I was assigned by  Radboud Universtity Nijmegen to Rio de Janeiro for an anthropological research on the impact of the Olympic’s for favelados en Rio’s South Zone and studied the positive and negative consequences of a partly carried out favela-upgrading program.