After six months of intensive photojournalism in Barcelona back to the Netherlands

After an exceptional intensive and instructive period in Barcelona, I have returned to the Dutch lowlands. Prepared for a life in photojournalism, I discovered that this is both the most rewarding as well as the most difficult careerpath to choose. Fortunately, I was able to finish the first -and largest- part of the Master succesfully. During my large photoproject -supervised by award winning photojournalist Fernando Moleres- I interviewed and portrayed LGBT migrants from seven different countries. It will be published in Zij aan Zij Magazine in the Netherlands in april 2016. You can see it by clicking this link.

During the course I have constructed a portfolio, both in ‘fotoreportaje’  as well as in the covering of newsevents that have my interest in photostories.  I have published these stories mainly on Demotix, Citizinside and Verspers. Small victories were the facts that my photos were picked up by Corbis and I even published in The Guardian! Not bad for half a year of photography!