ADM-eviction against UN-request not to evict: published at DW

For my assignment for Goethe Institute I got in touch with the ADM-community in Amsterdam, an unique cultural enclave, e little village for creative minds and people who prefer a non-conformist way of life. I can identify and loved their community so much. After the success in the Guardian and the news around their eviction, I pitched a story to Deutsche Welle. Coincidently, I was around at the day writing history: Despite the request of the United Nations to postpone eviction, the municipality of Amsterdam ordered to evict. The ADM-freehaven is gone. So glad Deutsche Welle published the story so soon. I really hope it will help to gain international awareness for the fact the municipality of Amsterdam ignoring an UN-request and the way in which ‘squatters’ are marginalized. See here the link.